My journey in creating art began when I was in high school. I was painting oil reproductions of famous artists. I studied engineering after high school. When my daughter who also plays the guitar grew up and saw my paintings, she inspired me to continue.

For 3 years I joined painting courses in a private painting studio. Opened various personal and joint exhibitions and sold my paintings in expressionist style. At that time I also took clases for wooden painting and love to design ornaments.

I enjoy knitting and painting and mostly creating fancy and trendy knit work by using different objects and by using all the techniques I have learned just like working in a painting studio, using the color harmony and the golden ratio.

So all my creations are original. I always knit thinking that the owner will look beatiful and charming. You can consider my work as precious gifts to your loved ones.

I create many knitwork like shawls, scarves, neckwarmers, gloves or your requested models. Also I create various baby clothing.

Hope you enjoy, love and feel the energy I put in my work.

Knitted Womens Hat Cowl Beanie Knitting Pattern

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